WHICH type OF filter DO I NEED?


When do I need carbon filters?

Activated carbon filters act like a magnet on contaminated molecules. They bind to the activated carbon thanks to a chemical reaction.

To purify the air from organic and inorganic gases and vapors, vapors from acids and ammonia, you need carbon filters. The carbon attracts the gases and depending on the type of filter, the molecules bind to the carbon.

         Type A filters are used with organic gases and flammable gases above 65 ° C.
         Type B filters are used with inorganic gases and other gases.
         Type E filters are specifically designed for sulfur dioxide and acid gases.
         Type K filters are specifically designed for (organic variants of) ammonia.
         Type HG filter are specifically designed for mercury vapors.

When do I need dust filters?

The dust filters collect dust particles. There are several options for filter density, depending on the size of the pollutants present.

The dust filters filter airborne dust particles such as asbestos or silica in three steps:

         P1 acts as a rough filter for the visible dust particles.
         P2 filters 60 to 80% of the invisible dust particles
         P3 filters 99.97% of all invisible dust particles up to 0.3 micron (HEPA)